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SIP Telephony

Now sip telephony has become an excellent alternative to classic telephone operators. With Kontel 2000, you can take advantage of the best sip telephony programs, as this is the leading sip operator offering the best sip telephony rates for both individuals and legal entities.

The prospects of sip telephony for its users are promising, as our sip provider guarantees subscribers not only low prices, but also high-quality international and long-distance communication.

The main advantage that offers its customers, as one of the most reliable sip telephony operators in Moscow - Contel 2000, is the possibility of obtaining a direct Moscow number that is saved when moving, and outgoing calls are applicable in any city in the world, as with call from Moscow.

In addition, each owner will be able to negotiate absolutely free of charge with the other owners of SIP-phones, at any place and at any time.

At the same time, all our subscribers, regardless of their status as a natural or legal person, are no longer dependent on their actual location, feeling significant savings in money at long-distance and international calls (to landlines and mobile communications) on the most profitable ip telephony tariff programs, offered by the largest Moscow sip provider, Contel 2000.

It is worth noting the advantage that sip telephony provides a higher degree of protection against wiretapping than other methods of communication.
For corporate clients, the sip operator has prepared a number of free business services, including: automatic number identification, conference calling and call forwarding.

When using sip telephony service, Contel 2000 customers can easily eliminate the problem of shortage of urban (including multi-channel) telephone lines, reducing the cost of their installation when compared with classic telephone equipment.