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CALL-BACK services

Most people prefer to use the services of one, the most suitable for them, mobile operator, to which the majority of relatives, friends, business partners and acquaintances are connected. In this case, it is profitable for them to call on mobile phones within the same network, especially if there are free minutes to your favorite numbers or an unlimited tariff is connected.

However, there are such situations when calling a long-distance number, the number of another telecom operator and especially abroad is urgently needed, albeit at a more expensive rate, which leads to your additional costs or expenses of your organization. At the same time, there is neither time nor desire to change the operator or the tariff plan. It is most difficult to do this when you are abroad, and to contact the number you need from there will be very expensive, especially if you need to call a cell phone.

To solve this problem, Kontel 2000 offers a new, convenient and reliable, Callback service, using which you will not pay unreasonably high amounts for communication and limit yourself in communication! You do not have to call the desired subscriber himself, but will only need to receive an incoming call from him using the callback, for which a free call is made from any number, even a local one, to the company's service number.

The system records the call itself and, without lifting the handset, drops the connection. A few seconds after that, you receive a free call from the callback service with an offer to enter the number of the subscriber you need.

Then callback performs all the necessary functions for a quick, high-quality and inexpensive connection with the phone number you specified - now you can talk without thinking about costs!