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In Stockholm, died Princess Lilian - a woman who knew how to love

March 10 in Stockholm, at the age of 97, died the Swedish princess Lilian. Her beautiful and first secret affair with her future husband, Prince Bertil, became one of the most romantic love stories of our time.

Two years after the tragedy: the world remembers the victims of the 2011 Japanese earthquake

Today, the whole world remembers the victims of a catastrophe, the consequences of which are unlikely to soon be eradicated from human memory. On March 11, 2011, an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude occurred 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo off the east coast of Honshu Island.

Sensational discovery of geneticists: there was another human population on the planet

The conclusion of living on Earth in the distant past of another, now extinct, human population came American genetics. They discovered a Y chromosome, the “age” of which is twice as long as the duration of human existence.

Mass poisoning in the best restaurant in the world

In 2010-2011, in the Copenhagen restaurant of Scandinavian cuisine “Nome”, which occupied the first line in various ratings of the best restaurants in the world, mass food poisoning occurred.

The richest, young and unmarried

On the eve of International Women's Day, Forbes magazine announced the ratings of the richest bachelors and the youngest billionaires in the world. We list the top three of each list.

The tragic death of Andrei Panin

On March 7, at about 11 am, the body of Andrey Panin was found in an apartment in the south-west of Moscow. The death of the Honored Artist of Russia allegedly occurred on March 6 as a result of an accident.

Internet market leaders are warning: network scammers are stepping up

Leading Internet companies are warning Runet users: a new type of fraud has appeared on the Web. This, according to RBC Daily, is stated in a joint statement by Google, Yandex, Mail.Ru Group, VKontakte, Group-IB, Doctor Web and Kaspersky Lab.

The most beautiful girl of Russia lives in Mezhdurechensk

March 2 in Moscow in the concert hall "Barvikha Luxury Village" the final of the annual contest "Miss Russia 2013" was held. The crown of the winner in a serious struggle was won by Elmira Abdrazakova from Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo Region.

Hunger strike Armen Nazaryan: Olympic champion disagrees with IOC recommendation

Olympic champion in wrestling in 1996 and 2000, Armen Nazaryan, went on a hunger strike to protest against the recommendation of the IOC Executive Committee to remove the fight from the list of Olympic sports. The announcement of the decision of the famous wrestler posted on the website of the Federation of wrestling of Russia.

The heavy burden of a billionaire: Vladimir Potanin gives his fortune to charity

Recently it became known that billionaire Vladimir Potanin joined the philanthropic movement “The Giving Pledge”. In an interview with the program "Vesti on Saturday", the businessman spoke about the reasons for his unexpected action.

Arkhangelsk region was decorated with pink icicles

Very unusual pinkish-reddish icicles began to appear in February as snow melted on the roofs of houses in the Arkhangelsk Region.

Bloody drama in St. Petersburg. What caused double murder and suicide?

In the northern capital, an investigation is continuing into the circumstances of the death of a young woman and her newborn daughter. According to NTV, 33-year-old Sabina Rostilova was killed on her birthday. The offender during the detention shot himself.

Dad left the Vatican

February 28, 2013 is a historic day for the Roman Catholic Church, of which there have not been equal in the past few centuries: the Pope leaves the Holy See. For the first time in the last 600 years, the pontiff leaves voluntarily.

The tragedy in the sky over Luxor: 18 people were killed in the ignition of the balloon

The terrible tragedy occurred in the early morning of February 26 in Egypt: as a result of the crash of a balloon that flew over ancient Luxor, 18 people died. At the moment, flights of all balloons in the city and its surroundings are suspended.

Do you trust reviews on the Internet?

An analysis of public opinion conducted by researchers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom showed that the majority of consumers, having gathered to buy a product, or turn to a company for a service, first study reviews on the Internet.

London's Royal College offers students to become addicts. For time and in the name of science

Royal College of London students had the opportunity to earn good money by using cocaine. This is reported by the British tabloid "London Evening Standard".

Found universal drug against all types of flu

The CSIRO Research Institute (Australia), the famous university of British Columbia (Canada) and the University of Bath (England) have jointly developed a unique drug against influenza.

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