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Gone from the life of Dina Durbin

At the age of 1991, the legendary actress, a Hollywood star of the first third of the last century, Dina Durbin, died in France. This was announced on April 30 by the son of the actress Peter H. David to the site of her admirers The Deanna Durbin Society.

Where the richest people live

The American economic magazine Forbes, interested in the billionaire habitats, studied the "golden ghettos" in various parts of the world.

What do we need for happiness?

How many happy people in our country? Why do some Russians feel happy and some not? The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center VTsIOM found the answer to all these questions.

Innovations are closer to the body: the servicemen will be dressed in underwear with RFID tags

The company "Voentorg" intends to soon provide bed linen and underwear to servicemen with a bar code and radio tags. This innovation, in the opinion of the company's management, is very relevant for the Russian army.

AVAST users help to find the twin brother of a former prisoner of Auschwitz

73-year-old Israeli Menachem Bodner, who was a prisoner of Auschwitz in his childhood, has been looking for his twin brother for many years. With Jeno, that's the name of his brother, he last met in February 1945, shortly after his release from the concentration camp.

Valery Chuvashenko-Cretan specialist killed in regressive hypnosis killed in the center of Moscow

On April 26, the famous folk healer Valery Chuvashenko-Cretan was shot dead in his office in the center of the capital on Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya Street. According to Interfax, the body of a 60-year-old hypnologist was discovered at about half past ten in the evening by a security guard at a business center.

The youngest daughter of Boris Yeltsin became a citizen of Austria

Today it became known that the youngest daughter of the first president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, 53-year-old Tatiana Borisovna Yumasheva (Dyachenko) has been a citizen of Austria since 2009. The announcement of this under the heading "Blitz-naturalization" was published in the Austrian information magazine News.

Chess in the Louvre. Alekhine Memorial is held in Paris

Saturday, April 20, was a very bright day in the international chess calendar: an international tournament in memory of Alekhine was opened in the French capital. 10 leading chess players of the world gathered in the Tuileries Garden on the territory of the Louvre in a specially built pavilion.

Belgorod shooter arrested. The operation was led personally by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Sergey Pomazun, who had shot six people in Belgorod, was caught for more than a day from law enforcement. According to RIA Novosti, the killer was detained on April 23 in the evening at the railway station when he tried to leave the cordon area in the train.

The secrets of survival in a broken elevator

Serious tests fell to the share of the Austrian Alps 58-year-old native of Sweden Thomas Fleetwood. The man spent four days in a broken elevator in his own hotel in the ski resort of Bad Gastein without food or water, the Austrian Times reports.

Family business. Russia's richest families

Recently, the journal of SEO published a list of the 50 largest family-owned companies in Russia. The first place in it with a total capital of 6.22 billion rubles was taken by the Gutseriev-Shishkhanovs, whose main assets are Russneft and Binbank.

Where in Russia live well? Compiled ranking of the best cities in Russia

The monthly business magazine “Kommersant. The secret of the company "summed up a comparative study of the standard of living of the population of 150 Russian urban districts and cities, where more than 100 thousand people live.

NASA has discovered two potentially habitable planets that are very similar to Earth.

The American agency NASA announced its discovery: two planets, very similar to Earth, were discovered in the Kepler-62 system at once. Both are stone, located in the "habitable zone", their temperature regime suggests the presence of liquid water, they can have an atmosphere. Today, these planets are the closest twins of the Earth.

Alexander Bukhanovsky died - a psychiatrist who spoke maniac Chikatilo

On April 17, at the age of 69 years, an outstanding psychiatrist, Alexander Olimpievich Bukhanovsky, MD, died. The scientist died in Rostov-on-Don from thromboembolism.

For the exploration of Mars, volunteers are required. Without the right to return to Earth

The Dutch non-profit organization Mars One has announced the recruitment of volunteers to explore the Red Planet. The first humans, who became Martian inhabitants, will leave Earth forever - this is the main condition for participation in the project.

No smoke breaks - smokers risk losing their jobs

About a third of managers are willing to encourage employees who are about to quit smoking. Such data was published by the recruiting company HeadHunter, which decided to find out the country's readiness to comply with the anti-tobacco law that came into force on June 1, 2013.

The beauty from Mezhdurechensk will represent Russia at the Miss World competition

18-year-old Miss Russia 2013, Elmira Abdrazakova, will represent Russia at the Miss World competition. Despite the grumbling of dissatisfied with her non-titular nationality and insufficiently Slavic beauty, the girl firmly decided to go to Indonesia.