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Deputy from Kursk Olga Lee advises Russians not to pay rent

Until today, Olga Li, a little-known outside the Kursk region, posted a video message to the Russians on YouTube, in which she urged them to refuse to pay utility bills.

Fiend or Autistic? In Greece, the investigation continues into the attack animator on the Russian boy

The unthinkable tragedy occurred in Greece on the island of Crete: a 20-year-old clown-animator who worked in a 5-star hotel, inflicted more than 20 stab wounds to a child who was resting there.

Beckham's latest season. Footballer announced the completion of a career

On May 16, David Beckham, who played for the French football club Paris Saint-Germain since January, announced his retirement from professional sports.

Want to be happy - become a long-liver

As Japanese sociologists have found out, the people whose age has passed for 90, especially women from the beautiful half of this age group, feel most happy. These results, according to RIA Novosti, were presented at a symposium of the Scientific Gerontological Society in Osaka.

What awaits the dollar in Russia?

The State Duma deputy Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR faction) proposes again to prohibit the storage and circulation of US dollars in the Russian Federation. The bill prepared by the liberal democrat is intended, according to the author, to protect us from financial problems in the event of a collapse of this currency.

The most hijacked brands: Metropolitan Police report released

The Metropolitan Police, analyzing all cases of car theft since the beginning of 2013, has made a “rating” of the most popular brands in this regard.

New York and Moscow - the best cities for life ... billionaires

Our capital ranks second among all cities in the world in terms of the number of inhabitants with a total wealth of over a billion dollars, second only to New York.

Legend of football 86-year-old Alfredo di Stefano intends to marry ... Bride younger than 50 years

Love is all ages submissive ... Alfredo di Stefano Laule, 86, a legendary Spanish and Argentine footballer, the first member of the FIFA Hall of Fame, has decided to marry a 36-year-old Costa Rican Hina Gonzalez. However, the wedding, as it turned out recently, may not take place.

A wonderful rescue in Bangladesh. Under the ruins of the collapsed 17 days ago, buildings found a surviving woman

At noon on May 10 in the suburb of the Bangladesh capital Dacca during a rescue operation at the site of the Rana Plaza building that collapsed on April 24, they found a living woman. She spent under the rubble for about 17 days.

About Cleveland Captives and Other Long-Awaited Returns

In early May of this year, three girls who disappeared more than 10 years ago were found in the city of Cleveland, Ohio (USA). It turned out that they were kidnapped and forcibly held in their two-story house by a school bus driver, a Latin American 53-year-old Ariel Castro.

The fugitive from "Sailor's Silence" is detained. Repeat the "record" Solonika he failed

Oleg Topalov, who on 7 May made a daring escape from the Sailor Silence Prison in Moscow, was detained a day later in the Izmailovsky Park in the capital. According to ITAR-TASS, he did not resist arrest and did not try to escape - when jumping from a height Topalov injured his leg.

Escape from the "Sailor's silence." FSIN asks for help in catching a criminal

The search continues for the 33-year-old Oleg Topalov, who escaped in the morning of May 7 from the Sailor Silence Prison, accused of double murder. The Federal Penitentiary Service appealed to citizens for help in apprehending a criminal.

Nobel Prize winner in medicine voluntarily died through euthanasia

On 4 May, the 1974 Nobel laureate in physiology and medicine, Christian de Duve, died in Belgium. The 95-year-old biochemist was incurably ill, and decided to voluntarily die from euthanasia, RIA Novosti reports.

Named the possible causes of the death of the An-2, who disappeared in the Urals in June 2012

At the moment, the investigation considers two main versions of the crash of the An-2 in the vicinity of the city of Serov in the Urals, which occurred last summer: equipment malfunction or piloting error (or both). Weather conditions, as the cause of the disaster, were excluded. This was reported on May 6 by the Ural Investigation Department.

Klitschko-Povetkin meeting will be held in Moscow in the first half of September

The long-awaited fight for the title of the sole world boxing champion between the "regular" WBA champion Alexander Povetkin and the heavyweight champion of four international boxing organizations (WBA, WBO, IBO, IBF) Vladimir Klitschko will be held in Moscow. Approximate dates of the meeting - 7 or 14 September.

Children growing up in a full family are smarter than their peers, living with one of their parents - proven on mice

As Canadian scientists have found out, a child, from the first days of life growing up with both parents, has a larger number of cells in the brain. Moreover, the specificity of the manifestation of this effect largely depends on the sex of the child.

Tournament in memory of Alekhin ended in St. Petersburg

On May 1, the tournament in memory of the outstanding Russian chess player Alexander Alekhin ended in St. Petersburg. Grandmaster from Armenia Levon Aronian was recognized the winner of the tournament.