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Will Kasparov return to Russia ?!

Out of fear of losing the opportunity to “go back”, the opposition politician, the 13th world chess champion, Garry Kasparov will not return to Russia. This was announced by Kasparov himself at a press conference dedicated to the presentation to him by the human rights organization UN Watch Morris Abram awards.

New passion of billionaire Vladislav Doronin was left without work

Hardly more than a month passed since Vladislav Doronin parted with Naomi Campbell, the podium star, like a Russian oligarch had a new passion - a young but already titled model Luo Ziling. However, this relationship cost the girl dearly - MIX Model Management NYC decided to terminate the contract with her.

Klitschko-Povetkin, scheduled for October 5, under threat of failure

On June 3, commenting on the negotiations between the promoters of the "super champion" in boxing Vladimir Klitschko and the "regular" champion Alexander Povetkin, the manager of the Ukrainian Bernd Bente estimated the likelihood of their meeting in the ring "not above 50 percent."

Our people live! Comparison of "Yakunin's summer residence" and the summer residence of the crown prince of Norway Haakon

The second day, the Russian Internet is stirred up by rumors about the unprecedented beauty of the resting place of the head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin.

The murder of a 22-year-old girl in Neskuchny Garden is revealed

It took just three days for the metropolitan police to uncover the murder committed not far from the “Hunting Lodge” - the filming site of the intellectual show “What? Where? When?".

Medals and torch for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi for the first time shown to the world

May 30 for the first time were shown Olympic awards Sochi. In St. Petersburg, the President of the Organizing Committee for the 2014 Olympics, Dmitry Chernyshenko presented the Olympic and Paralympic medals and the Olympic torch.

The richest children of our country - who are they?

The next rating of the richest heirs of Russia - the children of Russian billionaires - has been published. The CEO magazine, which made the list, included in it only those offspring whose conditional capital is currently more than $ 1 billion.

The kidnappers of clairvoyant Ilona Novoselova are detained. Among them is a 17-year-old teenager.

Metropolitan police detained three kidnappers clairvoyant and healer Ilona Novoselova and her fiance Oleg Petrov. Among criminals - the eleventh grader.

Repressive beginning of passing the EGE-2013. Works of Belgorod graduates are canceled.

The first day of the beginning of the EGE-2013 season was marked by tough repressive measures. On May 27, the works of schoolchildren from Belgorod who used mobile phones on the Russian language exam were canceled.

Zombies among us

A unique disease - Coarse syndrome in a very severe form - was diagnosed, studied and practically cured in a UK resident named Graham. A man who outwardly made an impression of a completely living person, sincerely believed that he was dead.

Princess in a BMW or like a cat lived for two weeks in a car engine

A cat named Princess managed two weeks to hold out without food and water. And not in any comfortable place, but in the engine of a BMW 1-Series car, owned by its owner. About such an incredible adventure fluffy traveler tells The Daily Mail.

Persons in the crowd ... Brad Pitt spoke about his serious illness - pro-paposnosia

The famous American actor Brad Pitt is seriously ill. About his disease - prozopagnosia - he told in a recent interview with the magazine "Esquire".

Single exam - good or evil? What do the rectors of leading Russian universities think of the USE?

The beginning of the season of passing the Unified State Exam is not far off. Rectors of leading Russian universities gathered at the round table of the RBC press center to talk about the pros and cons of the Unified State Exam.

Rescue from breast cancer - chamomile tea and parsley with celery

Biologists from the University of Ohio have discovered a bioflavonoid apigenin in ordinary chamomile tea, which protects the human body from cancer cells. All aspects of the effect of an amazing substance have been tested on breast cancer cells, which have the ability to spread very quickly.

How to get rich on modern technology. Top 8 Russian sharks of high-tech business

It is known that the basis for the prosperity of the majority of Russian leaders in the Forbes list are commodity assets. Most, but not all. The newsru.com portal introduces readers to the most affluent Russians who have earned their capital with the help of NT technologies.

The phenomenon of the fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt explained from the standpoint of science

The phenomenal speed data of the fastest man in the world, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, found their scientific explanation. This is reported by rsport.ru portal for an article posted in the electronic library of Cornell University (USA, Ithaca).

Moscow spent sleepless "Night at the Museum"

The night of May 18-19, for almost a million residents of the capital, became sleepless: in Moscow an international action “Night at the Museum” took place.