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NASA has approved candidates for the Martian expedition - one-way flight

NASA experts have completed the selection of candidates for the upcoming expedition "Mars 2020". The Martian mission consists of 8 people: four men and four women. According to trud.ru, none of them will return to Earth.

Suicide on the Eiffel Tower prevented

Today, the sad statistics of suicides on the Eiffel Tower nearly replenished with another episode. However, the Paris police still managed to stop a man who threatened to jump from the second floor.

Killer fortunetellers from Orekhovo-Zuyevo helped find her paralyzed mother

Law enforcement agencies managed to get on the trail of the 61-year-old fortune-teller killer from Orekhovo-Zuevo near Moscow Marina Morozova. In this they were helped by the paralyzed mother of the deceased, who witnessed the crime.

How to choose a good wardrobe

It seems that today there is no person who would not see the wardrobe. It has become an indispensable and convenient part of the interior of various houses and apartments.

Robert Kraft intends to regain the ring of American champions, presented to them by Vladimir Putin eight years ago

On June 16, all Russian and American mass media again turned to the history of eight years ago. Then, in 2005, billionaire Robert Kraft gave the Russian president a ring encrusted with 124 diamonds - a ring of American champions.

Immortality is near. Outstanding scientists discussed the prospects of eternal life ... in avatars

The founder of the project “Russia 2045”, the general director of the Russian Internet company Newmedia multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov, held a conference with the promising title “Global Future” at the weekend in New York.

Marina Anissina's return to big-time sports: a PR move or real plans?

The world champion of 2000, the Olympic champion of 2002 in ice dancing Marina Anisina intends to return to figure skating soon. She announced this to correspondents for the Bolshoi Sport program on Russia 2.

Berezovsky died? Or took part in a witness protection program?

Berezovsky, quite possibly, is alive and well! About this publication “Arguments and Facts” said a well-known journalist and TV host, author of the program “Moment of Truth” Andrei Viktorovich Karaulov.

The death sentence gamblers killer from Taiwan approved

Yesterday in Taiwan, the death sentence was finally approved for a woman guilty of the murder of three of her closest relatives. The victims of the 32-year-old Lin Yu-Ju were her mother, mother-in-law and husband.

Japanese died Jiroemon Kimura - the oldest inhabitant of the Earth

On June 11, at the age of 116, the most elderly inhabitant of the planet, and perhaps the most famous of the centenarians of the Japanese Jiroemon Kimura, died. Now his compatriot Misao Okawa, 115, has become the oldest inhabitant of the earth.

The most beautiful girl in Iowa was born without a hand

This year, 23-year-old Nicole Kelly, a girl born without a forearm of her left hand, claims to be the first beauty of the United States. Last Saturday, as reported by the editors of the site neinvalid.ru, Nicole won the Miss Iowa contest.

World Sambo Champion Akhad Rajabli Suicide

According to the portal Vesti.Az on June 8 at about six in the evening, in the apartment in the 45th quarter of the city of Sumgayit (Sumgayit), world sambo champion Ahad Rajabli hanged himself. The black belt of the sambo wrestler served as a weapon of suicide.

Is the richest rector of Russia - Anatoly Ovodenko?

Today, the Ministry of Education and Science published information about the incomes of the heads of state-owned Russian universities, and the whole country learned the name of the richest rector of Russia. It turned out to be the rector of the St. Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Anatoly Arkadyevich Ovodenko.

Death Button - Mobile Theft Insurance

A kind of solution to the problem of theft of mobile phones was proposed recently in the United Kingdom. According to the newspaper The Daily Mail, UK police intend to convince smartphone manufacturers to equip all devices with a “kill button”.

Scientists have identified the causes of aging women. These include: visiting tanning beds and smoking

British scientists decided on a list of negative factors capable of quickly aging the skin of beautiful women for no more than ten years.

Tsiskaridze dismissed from the Bolshoi Theater

On June 7, Nikolai Tsiskaridze was informed that the Bolshoi Theater will not renew two fixed-term employment contracts with him. This was reported to ITAR-TASS by the head of the GABT press service, Katerina Novikova.

Keep the money in the savings bank ... Otherwise - eat!

The savings of one of the residents of the Chinese province of Guangdong - four thousand 100 yuan banknotes - were eaten away by ants, reports Reuters. Her wealth, and this almost 65 thousand dollars, the woman kept not in the "savings bank", and at home.