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Flu shots Gennady Onishchenko vaccinated

In late autumn, we expect an annual increase in the incidence of influenza. And now, on the agenda again, annual reflections: is it inculcated?

Finnish authorities have taken four children from the Russians

On September 28, our compatriot Anastasia Zavgorodnya, who lives in Finland with her husband, social services selected four children. The six-year-old daughter, two-year-old twins and the youngest child, who was only one week old, were allowed to see the mother no more than once a month.

Parachutist Irina Sinitsyna dies

In the resuscitation of the Research Institute of Neurosurgery. Burdenko, without regaining consciousness, died multiple record holder of Russia in parachuting, two-time world and European champion Irina Sinitsyna.

Who will get the mandate of Gennady Gudkov?

The CEC of Russia brought to the agenda of the meeting for tomorrow (October 3) the question of transferring the mandate of the former State Duma deputy from Just Russia Gennady Gudkov to Alexander Tarnavsky.
PACE urged the State Duma to return the mandate to Gennady Gudkov.

Heating in Moscow will turn on. But later

This fall the weather makes Muscovites happy. She is also pleased with the Deputy Mayor for housing and communal services and the improvement of Peter Biryukov.

Meeting of MSU students with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Today a lecture by Mark Zuckerberg was held in the hall of the MSU Fundamental Library. The head of the social networking site Facebook has asked to meet with students of three faculties

And again about utilities

Seventeen of the largest Russian energy companies are thinking about how to collect utility bills from us as efficiently as possible. His thoughts were drawn up in the form of a bill and sent to the State Duma.

International Olympiad in Informatics. Our triumph in Italy

Yesterday at the Domodedovo airport we met our victors. No, not the Russian national football team, and not even the national hockey team ...

Ah, this wedding ...

Everyone who happened to be on the last Sunday of September on the Leningradskoye Highway witnessed an interesting show: a motorcade of expensive cars headed by a red Ferrari was heading from the suburbs to the center of the capital.

The vagaries of Moscow weather

A sharp wind increase is expected in Moscow this afternoon

World Cup in 2018 will be held in Moscow

MOSCOW has become one of the Russian cities that were eligible to hold a series of football matches in 2018 as part of the World Cup.

Goes to us ... Mark Zuckerberg

Early next week, Mark Zuckerberg will visit our capital. The full program of the visit and its exact dates are known so far very roughly, but reliably, that the founder of Facebook intends to hold talks with Dmitry Medvedev and visit Skolkovo innograd.

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