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Fatherland under protection? What do Russians think about the state of the Russian army

Shortly before the Defender of the Fatherland Day, sociologists at a number of analytical centers decided to ask the Russians about the state of affairs in the Russian army and the holiday itself on February 23.

Oscar Pistorius, who shot his girlfriend on Valentine's Day, was released on bail.

On February 22, the Pretoria Court (South Africa) released Paralympian Oscar Pistorius on bail, who on February 14 shot his girlfriend Riva Stenkamp with a pistol.

Magician killer. Hereditary psychic George Martirosyan is detained

Moscow police detained a native of Tbilisi, a hereditary mage and healer Georgiy Martirosyan, suspected of a whole series of murders. The victims of the psychic became the girl-model, working in the field of excursion services and elite prostitution.

The outbreak of swine flu in the suburbs is not confirmed?

The Moscow Region Ministry of Health does not confirm that the cause of the death of an 11-year-old girl from Dmitrov was swine flu, and assures residents of the capital and the region that there is no threat of an epidemic of H1N1 flu.

Tours in Chipatu, Zambia

Chipata is interesting for tourists mainly because there is a large national park “South Luangva” near it.

Tours in Jingmen, China

If you have not yet decided where to spend your holidays or vacations, pay attention to tours in Jingmen, which are on sale very often.

The founder of the empire Metro committed suicide

Today the news of the death of Otto Beisheim, one of the founders of the largest German trading company Metro, came from Germany. According to the newspaper Bild, the body of an 89-year-old businessman was found in his house in the Bavarian town of Rottach-Egern.

Video cameras with clear face recognition will soon appear in the Moscow metro

According to the deputy mayor of Moscow, the head of the transport department, Maxim Liksutov, as early as next month, surveillance cameras must be installed in the Moscow subway, equipped with the function of clear face recognition.

Hurry to do good. The planet celebrates the Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness

Not so long ago another good holiday appeared in the calendar: on February 17 of every year completely different people in different countries of the world celebrate the International Day of spontaneous display of kindness (Random Act of Kindness Day).

The explosion of the Ural meteorite was 30 times more powerful than the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima

NASA experts have come to new shocking conclusions about the parameters of the car, which fell in the morning of February 15 near the city of Chelyabinsk, and the power of the explosion.

The observatory calculated the size of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, and the governor of the region - the size of the damage

The mass of the meteorite, whose fall was recorded in the Urals on February 15 at 07:23 Moscow time, was about 50 tons, diameter - 3 meters. Such calculations were carried out by employees of the astronomical observatory at Irkutsk State University, headed by director Sergei Yazev.

Monstrous mistake: Oscar Pistorius shot a girlfriend, taking her for a robber

On February 14, Oscar Pistorius, a sprinter-amputee, shot his girlfriend in his home in Pretoria, mistaking her for a robber. The girl (according to officially not confirmed data - 29-year-old South African model Riva Stenkamp), intending to make a young man a surprise on Valentine's Day, secretly snuck into his house.

The Olympic Games can remain without a fight

At the February 12 meeting of the IOC Executive Committee, it was recommended to exclude from 2020 from the program of the Summer Olympic Games wrestling in all its varieties: Greco-Roman, free and female.

Pope is leaving his post. Who will be his successor?

On Monday, February 11, Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement. The statement was made public in Latin during the ordinary Consistory meeting in the Vatican.

Plushenko vs. Zhurankov: skater sues commentator

The famous Russian figure skater, champion of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Yevgeny Plushenko, intends to go to court with a claim to the sports commentator on the Eurosport-2 channel, Andrei Zhurankov.

Doctors outraged health care reform: rallies in Russian cities

On Saturday, protest actions of medical workers “Together for Decent Medicine” took place in Russia. Forms of expression of indignation were different: from pickets to rallies.

Chinese New Year is coming to Russia

On the night of February 9-10, a new year is coming in China according to the Eastern calendar. The whole Celestial Empire on this occasion goes on a two-week vacation ...

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