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Want to be happy - become a long-liver

As Japanese sociologists have found out, people whose age has passed for 90, especially women, feel most happy. These results, according to RIA Novosti, were presented at a symposium of the Scientific Gerontological Society in Osaka.
Want to be happy - become a long-liver
Studies were conducted among people over 70 years old. The duration of their stay in a good and bad mood was taken into account. All results were translated into points, reflecting the indicators of happiness.

It turned out that the older a person becomes, the greater the indicator of happiness for him is characteristic: for 70-year-olds, he is equal to 7.4 points; for 80 year olds - 8.2; for 90-year-olds and older people - 8.8.

Negative emotions also recede with age: sadness and despondency among 70-year-olds were estimated at 3.2 points, among 80-year-olds - at 2.7 points, and at 90-year-olds - at 2.3 points.

In addition, it turned out that 90-year-old women are happier than male peers by one point. The head of research, Professor Takeshi Nakagawa, explains this phenomenon by the lesser dependence of women on “public evaluation of their activities.” Therefore, the old age of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is not overshadowed by feelings about the “decline in social activity”.

Similar, but much larger, studies in 2011 were conducted by a group of professors at the University College of London, Lewis Volpert, who interviewed 341 thousand people of all ages and social categories.

Then scientists came to the conclusion: the peak of happiness comes in 80 - 90 years. The reason for this is a significant reduction in the burden of responsibility, so prevalent over a person throughout life, by such an old age.

However, the professor warns that we will be able to rejoice at the onset of old age only if we are in a good state of health (which must be taken care of when young!).

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