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Children growing up in a full family are smarter than their peers, living with one of their parents - proven on mice

As Canadian scientists have found out, a child, from the first days of life growing up with both parents, has a larger number of cells in the brain. Moreover, reports The Daily Mail, the specificity of the manifestation of this effect largely depends on the sex of the child.

In boys, having two parents helps develop memory and learning abilities, in girls, sociability and coordination of movements.

Children growing up in a full family are smarter than their peers, living with one of their parents - proven on miceSpecialists of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary explain these phenomena with more attention given to a child from two parents than from one. At the same time, the baby feels more stable and suffers less from stress.

Such conditions provide greater activity in the formation and development of brain cells, and in boys — gray matter cells, and in girls — white matter cells.

Interestingly, the researchers made such large-scale conclusions on the results of experiments conducted on laboratory mice ...!

Rodents were divided into two groups: brought up by one or two parents, and the activity of neuron formation from birth to adulthood was measured. It turned out that the mice that had the largest number of brain cells in adulthood grew with both parents.

Unfortunately, the contribution to the formation of the mental abilities of mice — the grandchildren of their grandfathers and grandmothers — was ignored by the researchers. But it would be interesting to know how they affect the development of the intelligence of small rodents!

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