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What do we need for happiness?

How many happy people in our country? Why do some Russians feel happy and some not? The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center VTsIOM found the answer to all these questions.

It turned out that today the state of happiness (definitely, yes; rather, yes) is experienced by 77% of respondents. Interestingly, this figure has not changed at all compared to April 2012, but two years ago there were significantly less happy people - 67%.

What do we need for happiness?However, the worst of all (and a similar survey has been conducted since June 1990) the situation with happiness in Russia took shape in February 1992: only 42% of respondents recognized themselves happy at that time.

Today, the happiest of the rest of the population (which is not surprising!) Turned out to be young: 87% of young people are generally happy. Among metropolitan residents, 82% consider themselves happy, among people with a high level of education - 84%.

What do Russians need to be happy? The primacy is held by the following answers: “well-being in the family” - 29%, “joy in children, grandchildren” - 18%, “everything is normal in life” - 17%, “interesting work / study” - 10%.

Only 20% of happy respondents could not name the reasons for their happiness. Among those who feel unhappy, 52% found it difficult to answer the question about the reasons.

Most kill the happiness of feeling poverty. 19% of respondents who recognized themselves rather or definitely unhappy complained about low incomes, 7% for illness and old age; for lack of good work - 4%.

Looking around, 42% of Russians saw more happy people, 18% more unhappy, 36% - the same number of both.

The Omnibus VTsIOM survey was conducted in late April. The questionnaire was answered by 1600 people in 130 locations of our country. The margin of error is less than 3.4%.

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