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Why Russians do not live long and do not want to be long-lived

A study by WHO showed that Russia is in the last place in life expectancy among all countries in Europe and Central Asia. Moreover, as evidenced by the results of numerous polls, the Russians do not want to live long!

According to Novye Izvestiya, the average life expectancy of our compatriots is about 70 years (women are 74 years old; men are less than 63), and only Kyrgyzstan lags behind us.

Why Russians do not live long and do not want to be long-livedFor comparison, we note that, for example, Israeli men live 80.1 years, the British are 78.4 years old, residents of Spain are 85 years old, and French women are 84.8 years old.

The reasons for the “short century” of Russians are obvious: we completely lack adherence to a healthy lifestyle, excluding smoking and alcohol.

Of course, our fear of old age, which in Russia is associated with poverty and disease, is diminishing our life, of course.

Therefore, the Russians do not want to live long! But most of all, it prevents us from dreaming about longevity, according to experts, uncertainty about tomorrow!

Constantly studying public opinion, the Levada Center established: 68% of Russians would not want to live forever, but only 17% would agree to immortality.

As Valery Yelizarov, the scientific director of the Center for the Study of Population Problems at the Moscow State University Economics Department, told the question “How long do you want to live?” The majority of respondents give very modest answers, without mentioning any exorbitant numbers.

According to psychologists, the desire for a long life will appear with us with the advent of the feeling of the joy of existence; when the notion of life disappears as survival, and of old age, as the most negative of its segment.

Obviously, this will gradually occur, otherwise how will the forecasts of our Ministry of Health come true, according to which by 2020 the average life expectancy of Russians will grow to more than 74 years ?!

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