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Persons in the crowd ... Brad Pitt spoke about his serious illness - pro-paposnosia

The famous American actor Brad Pitt is seriously ill. About his disease - prozopagnosia - he told in a recent interview with the magazine "Esquire".

Persons in the crowd ... Brad Pitt spoke about his serious illness - pro-paposnosiaProsopagnosia, a disease that most readers of the magazine have learned about only from their idol, is a violation of the possibility of recognizing faces.

Sometimes agnosia on the face is congenital. However, in most cases, this selective perceptual disorder is associated with damage to a specific area of ​​the brain - the right inferior area. The cause may be trauma, tumor, vascular disease.

Brad Pitt admitted: many people, not knowing about his illness, believe that he simply "shows disrespect to them." Friends and acquaintances accuse him of selfishness. And since he often has to meet and communicate with many people, the life of an actor has become unbearable.

49-year-old actor finally fell into despair, thinking that it was time to completely stop communicating and become a recluse.

Persons in the crowd ... Brad Pitt spoke about his serious illness - pro-paposnosiaThe social consequences of the disease can indeed be sad. Often, "undiagnosed" patients are at risk of being completely alone.

Agnosia on the face, which until recently was considered a disease extremely rare, according to the latest data is not. In the mild form, this disease can affect up to 10% of the entire population of the Earth, in severe form - about 2%.

The classic symptoms of this disease are presented in the book by the British neurologist Oliver Sachs “The Man Who Took His Wife for a Hat,” written in the clinical story genre. Prozopagnosia, which came as a result of the injury, torments the heroine Mila Jovovich in the 2011 American thriller Faces in the Crowd.

Disease therapy consists in educating patients to focus not on their faces, but on the details of clothing, voice, gait, and other features of people, the ability to differentiate which in Prozopagnosics is not impaired.

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