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You have a boy, or How to reduce the tax by adopting a gay partner

Two elderly men living together in love and loyalty for about 45 years, decided to think about what will happen after the death of one of them. And they understood: the rest will have to pay a 15% real estate tax to the treasury upon registration of the inheritance.

Communist Party initiates a vote of no confidence in the government. The last drop is the reform of the RAS

Today it became known that the faction of the Communists intends to declare a vote of no confidence in the government. According to Kommersant, the first vice-speaker of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Ivan Melnikov, announced this, calling the “last straw” a draft reform of the Academy of Sciences.

Robert Kraft intends to regain the ring of American champions, presented to them by Vladimir Putin eight years ago

On June 16, all Russian and American mass media again turned to the history of eight years ago. Then, in 2005, billionaire Robert Kraft gave the Russian president a ring encrusted with 124 diamonds - a ring of American champions.

Will Kasparov return to Russia ?!

Out of fear of losing the opportunity to “go back”, the opposition politician, the 13th world chess champion, Garry Kasparov will not return to Russia. This was announced by Kasparov himself at a press conference dedicated to the presentation to him by the human rights organization UN Watch Morris Abram awards.

Our people live! Comparison of "Yakunin's summer residence" and the summer residence of the crown prince of Norway Haakon

The second day, the Russian Internet is stirred up by rumors about the unprecedented beauty of the resting place of the head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin.

Deputy from Kursk Olga Lee advises Russians not to pay rent

Until today, Olga Li, a little-known outside the Kursk region, posted a video message to the Russians on YouTube, in which she urged them to refuse to pay utility bills.

City of amazing initiatives: in St. Petersburg are going to introduce a "tax on dogs"

St. Petersburg may soon rightfully acquire the title of a city of "amazing legislative initiatives." After the list of unauthorized night sounds was added with the “tramp of cats”, the Legislative Assembly of the Northern capital stunned citizens with the intention to impose a tax on dogs.

For what they fought ... Initiator of the fight against plagiarism, Vladimir Burmatov himself can say goodbye to his degree

Vladimir Burmatov, a deputy from United Russia, who actively supported the purity of science and its release from “plagiarist ballast”, may soon lose its Ph.D. degree. At the moment this issue is under consideration by the Higher Attestation Commission.