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How do the children of Russian billionaires live? - tells the British press

The British daily newspaper The Guardian notes that, apparently, the most important problem for billionaires is raising children. And the children of oligarchs love to make expensive purchases.

Live and learn: 81-year-old resident of Japan received a school certificate

Ritsuko Kenmoku, a resident of the Japanese city of Kawaguchi, fulfilled her old dream - she graduated from high school, and, according to local media, is not going to stop learning. From April, she will begin attending high school classes.

If you want to be happy ... The inhabitants of the Earth are celebrating the International Day of Happiness for the first time.

Today, March 20, 2013, the International Day of Happiness is celebrated for the first time, established, according to RBC, last July by the UN General Assembly

The tragic death of Russian tourists in Egypt. Poisoning with fake alcohol?

In early March, the Khmelev spouses died at a resort in Hurghada with an interval of one day. Their son, who managed to return home, has been in intensive care for the second week already.

Students will be drafted into the army?

The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry, United Russia Vladimir Gutenev, prepared proposals for solving the personnel problem of the Russian army.

Lifetime suspension for “Nazi gesture”

The Greek Football Federation disqualified for life the 20-year-old midfielder of the Athens club AEK Giorgos Katidis, depriving him of the opportunity to play for national teams of all ages. The reason for this is a thoughtless gesture, similar to the Nazi salute.

For information about the maniac trucker from Orsk, the award is announced

In the Orenburg region, the search continues for the maniac who abducted and killed women. The investigation announced the long-distance truck driver Valery Andreev to the international search for 55-year-old Orsk resident and estimated the information about his whereabouts at 500 thousand rubles.

Why do we sleep so badly?

Celebrating March 15, World Sleep Day, we have to admit: the population of large cities every year sleeps worse and worse. This conclusion after numerous studies, reports RIA “Novosti”, was forced to come to sleep doctors-specialists in the field of sleep disorder.

CERN physicists say: the particle discovered by them in 2012 is indeed the Higgs boson

Despite the great public response that the particle discovered in July 2012 as a result of experiments at the Large Hadron Collider is indeed a Higgs boson, the press service of CERN reported just now.

Was there a girl? New circumstances in the case of leaving the child in danger

9-year-old Zhenya Melnikova, on the way home from the music school, allegedly landed by a bus driver on the highway, and more than six hours she was trailing in the cold, and had previously left home.

In Stockholm, died Princess Lilian - a woman who knew how to love

March 10 in Stockholm, at the age of 97, died the Swedish princess Lilian. Her beautiful and first secret affair with her future husband, Prince Bertil, became one of the most romantic love stories of our time.

Two years after the tragedy: the world remembers the victims of the 2011 Japanese earthquake

Today, the whole world remembers the victims of a catastrophe, the consequences of which are unlikely to soon be eradicated from human memory. On March 11, 2011, an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude occurred 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo off the east coast of Honshu Island.

Sensational discovery of geneticists: there was another human population on the planet

The conclusion of living on Earth in the distant past of another, now extinct, human population came American genetics. They discovered a Y chromosome, the “age” of which is twice as long as the duration of human existence.

Mass poisoning in the best restaurant in the world

In 2010-2011, in the Copenhagen restaurant of Scandinavian cuisine “Nome”, which occupied the first line in various ratings of the best restaurants in the world, mass food poisoning occurred.

The richest, young and unmarried

On the eve of International Women's Day, Forbes magazine announced the ratings of the richest bachelors and the youngest billionaires in the world. We list the top three of each list.

The tragic death of Andrei Panin

On March 7, at about 11 am, the body of Andrey Panin was found in an apartment in the south-west of Moscow. The death of the Honored Artist of Russia allegedly occurred on March 6 as a result of an accident.

Internet market leaders are warning: network scammers are stepping up

Leading Internet companies are warning Runet users: a new type of fraud has appeared on the Web. This, according to RBC Daily, is stated in a joint statement by Google, Yandex, Mail.Ru Group, VKontakte, Group-IB, Doctor Web and Kaspersky Lab.

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