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The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher

Gone from the life of Margaret Thatcher. Former Prime Minister of Great Britain, the great “Iron Lady” died in London at the age of 87 from the effects of a stroke.

Having collected 30 thousand people, “Total dictation” passed around the world.

On April 6, in 177 cities of the world, an action called “Total dictation” took place. 30 thousand people decided to test their knowledge of Russian spelling and punctuation, writing from dictation a text composed by a famous Russian writer who lives in Israel, Dina Rubina.

Why Russians do not live long and do not want to be long-lived

A study by WHO showed that Russia is in the last place in life expectancy among all countries in Europe and Central Asia. Moreover, as evidenced by the results of numerous polls, the Russians do not want to live long!

Watch your weight: airlines impose a tax on extra pounds

Innovation in the practice of air carriers: the world's first ticket price is calculated based on the weight of a passenger. Such an innovation was introduced by Samoa Air, which believes that it is fair to make full people pay more. The president of Samoa Air, Chris Langton, is sure that this idea is the future.

The case of the Moscow banker who ordered the brutal beating of his wife

The investigation of the criminal case against the top-manager of one of the capital's banks, 38-year-old Konstantin Rzhevsky, was completed. A man was carrying a monstrous plan to make his former wife an invalid in order to get custody of a 4-year-old daughter.

Russian scientists have created a pill of eternal youth

Scientists from Novosibirsk and Tomsk have created a unique medical product that stimulates the production of stem cells and thereby rejuvenates the body. This year the new facility will undergo the first clinical trials.

Galina Ryabkova, who threw out her two sons from the 15th floor balcony, will be sent for treatment

Soon, in a high-profile case, a 27-year-old resident of Dolgoprudny near Moscow, Galina Ryabkova, who killed her two young sons last June, will be put to a stop. The investigation is completed, the criminal case is sent to court.

Again a bribe. Former pro-rector of Moscow Power Engineering Institute Yevgeny Dovgan red-handed

On March 28, 58-year-old Yevgeny Alekseevich Dovgan, a former vice-rector for economics at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, was detained in his office at the time of receiving a bribe. Shortly before this, along with the entire senior staff of the university, he “brought out of the staff” a new one and. about. Rector Nikolai Dmitrievich Rogalev.

A new dedicated band may appear in the center of Moscow. And the old will open on weekends

Since March 31, the mayor’s office of the capital decided to “open” the designated lanes for the movement of personal vehicles on weekends and public holidays. And in the very center of Moscow on the Garden Ring, a new special runway for buses and trolley buses may appear.

Deadly threat in dietary supplements for weight loss. In Moscow, exposed a gang of drug traffickers

Recently it became known that UFSKN in the Moscow region exposed a criminal gang that spread deadly nutritional supplements for weight loss in Russia. In addition, the additives were imported into our country under the guise of sweets, chocolate and tea.

The third anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro. Has the subway become safer?

Exactly three years ago, on March 29, 2010, explosions thundered at two stations of the Moscow metro: at 8 in the morning at Lubyanka, after 40 minutes at the Park of Culture. 41 people died, 88 were injured. Has it become safer in the metro today?

The sexiest models of the world. In the ranking of two Russians

The site MODELS.com, the herald of the modeling business, presented a new rating of the 25 sexiest models in the world. Two beauties from Russia were in the top-25: 26-year-old Anna Vyalitsyna and 27-year-old Irina Shayk.

Jackpot of the American Powerball lottery went to the father of many children - a native of the Dominican Republic

Pedro Quesada, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, the father of five children, who worked 17 hours a day, suddenly became a millionaire, winning $ 338 million in the Powerball lottery.

March 2013 was the coldest in the last 60 years.

Experts state: this March in Russia turned out to be the coldest in the last 60 years. In addition, according to the Vedomosti newspaper, the 40-year-old record is broken by the amount of March snowfall

Saratov elevator robber arrested

The police managed to detain a serial robber who committed more than a dozen attacks in elevators against Saratov residents in a month. Several women are still in intensive care. The hijacker was tracked down for a long time, but was discovered quite by accident ...

Boris Berezovsky died

On March 23, at 11 o'clock local time, businessman Boris Berezovsky was found dead in the bathroom of one of his London houses. Two major causes of death are considered: heart attack and suicide, although the possibility of a criminal component is not yet completely ruled out ...

Verdict self-defense? The controversy surrounding the work of Alexandra Lotkova

For the third day, there are heated discussions around the sentence of a Moscow student, Aleksandra Lotkova, who received three years in prison for injuries inflicted with a traumatic pistol to two young people who attacked her friends in the subway.

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