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Scientists suggest: cats cause depression and craving for suicide

As American scientists have found, ordinary domestic cats can cause such serious ills as schizophrenia and brain cancer. Also, cute pet animals cause depression and suicide cravings. These frightening findings were recently published in one of the journals of the scientific series Trends: Trends in Parasitology.

Scientists suggest: cats cause depression and craving for suicideOf course, it’s not the cats themselves who are to blame, but the intracellular parasite of Toxoplasma (Toxoplasma gondii), which breeds in the cat's intestinal cavity. It is precisely this that causes disturbances in the functioning of the brain in people, since this parasite may well be part of the life cycle in the human body.

Every cat during the life "produces" a huge number of eggs of Toxoplasma: from 3 to 810 million. The number of pets themselves is growing rapidly: in the US, according to sociologists, their number has increased by 25 million since 1989. So count!

In addition, Toxoplasma is extremely tenacious: it does not die for months in the ground or in the water!

Experts knew about the danger of infection with Toxoplasma for a long time, but until now they believed that this parasite threatens only people with weakened immunity and unborn children (in case of infection of the mother).

Now it’s proven: the risk is great for perfectly healthy people. This conclusion was made by two scientists from the University of John Hopkins (USA): Fuller Tory and Robert Yolken, analyzing scientific work on the mechanisms of the spread of the parasite. While outbreaks of infection with Toxoplasma was not observed anywhere. But scientists warn it is possible.

Tips to help you not to meet with the cat parasite Toxoplasma are very simple and well-known: wash the vegetables and fruits served on the table thoroughly, fry the meat well, and maintain personal hygiene. A smaller domestic cats to let out!

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