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New deadly virus will come from the East?

Humanity is once again in danger: a new MERS-CoV coronavirus has been found on the Arabian Peninsula. According to Focus, 80 cases of infection with this pulmonary virus are already known, half of which ended in the death of the diseased.

The main symptom of the majority of those infected is difficulty breathing (the virus causes pneumonia), diarrhea and vomiting are less common.

New deadly virus will come from the East?Throughout the entire time when the infectious disease doctors considered him to be harmless, which could cause only a small cold or diarrhea, the infectious disease doctors familiarized with MERS-CoV. Such an opinion among medical workers persisted until 2002, when a virus related to MERS was the cause of a real epidemic. Then, over a few months, 8,000 people became ill. Every tenth of them died.

Today, despite a more than ten-year history of close study of MERS-CoV, experts are still not sure about the accuracy of their knowledge about it. Even the transmission mechanisms of the virus are not fully understood.

According to one hypothesis, the virus is transmitted to humans through fruits with which infected bats were “in contact”. According to another hypothesis, the carrier can be any representatives of cattle, even camels.

According to the portal news.rambler.ru, the situation on the Arabian Peninsula is now very tense. Hospitals are equipped with special boxes, equipped with artificial respiration, to accommodate patients. Epidemiologists are developing a program to combat the virus.

Ziad Memish, Deputy Minister of Public Health of Saudi Arabia - the largest state of the Arabian Peninsula - is concerned. He warns all tourists intending to go to Mecca about the danger of being infected with the MERS-CoV virus, and urges them to refrain from pilgrimage to holy places this year.

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