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Scientists are close to unraveling the secret of eternal youth

“I will not part with the Komsomol. I will be forever young! ”- the legendary Iosif Kobzon once sang. With the Komsomol we parted long ago, and we still want to be forever young! Therefore, I think, all of us will be pleased with the news coming from the University of Sheffield (University of Sheffield) in the UK.

According to medvesti.com, specialists from this educational institution together with Procter & Gamble conducted the largest and longest experiment to test hypotheses about the mechanisms of skin regeneration.

Scientists are close to unraveling the secret of eternal youthThree theories have been studied. The theory of “dormant stem cells” located in the lower layer of the skin and ceasing to produce new cells proved to be most credible.

Scientists have created a computer model, on the basis of which the conclusion was confirmed: in an aging person, the ability to activate stem skin cells disappears. But only thanks to these cells, our skin has a unique ability to heal itself.

But how to “wake up” these cells and rid us of wrinkles once and for all? And in general, is it possible? American and British experts have come to the conclusion - maybe!

Stem cells "wake up" in two cases: with damage to the skin and with a decrease in the total number of adult cells. Theoretically, for skin rejuvenation, you can resort to any of these options. In practice, the processes of “falling asleep” and “awakening” of cells are not fully understood, and therefore the mechanisms for controlling them are not yet established.

Therefore, only when scientists thoroughly investigate both the possibilities and the consequences of the awakening of “sleeping stem cells”, it will be possible to say with certainty: the secret of eternal youth is revealed!

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