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Valery Chuvashenko-Cretan specialist killed in regressive hypnosis killed in the center of Moscow

On April 26, the famous folk healer Valery Chuvashenko-Cretan was shot dead in his office in the center of the capital on Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya Street.

According to Interfax, the body of a 60-year-old hypnologist was discovered at about half past ten in the evening by a security guard at a business center in which Valery of Crete rented a room.

Law enforcement officers, having arrived at the crime scene, Valery Chuvashenko-Cretan specialist killed in regressive hypnosis killed in the center of Moscowthey fixed a gunshot wound to the head of the healer. The door to the office was cracked. From the moment of the murder, according to preliminary data, about four hours had passed by that time.

Valery Chuvashenko-Cretan was well known among those who believe in the possibility of reincarnation and are interested in their past reincarnations, as a specialist in regressive hypnosis.

Using the methods of regressive therapy, Chuvashenko-Cretan, in the opinion of his patients, helped them not only plunge into “past lives”, but also relieve stress, fears, get rid of various phobias, and increase self-esteem.

The reason for the success of such therapy among regressologists is considered to be the conditionality of many situations in the current life of unconscious traumatic memories from previous lives. Awareness of these emotional experiences helps to relieve their tensions and thereby solve today's problems.

Hypnologist-regressologist more than once was an expert on these issues in documentaries on various TV channels.

Valery Kritsky himself said that he received his gift of clairvoyance from his grandmother, a healer from Siberia, Anna Kritskaya.

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