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Keep the money in the savings bank ... Otherwise - eat!

The savings of one of the residents of the Chinese province of Guangdong - four thousand 100 yuan banknotes - were eaten away by ants, reports Reuters. All her wealth, and this one is almost 65 thousand dollars, a woman who did not see, apparently, the remarkable Soviet comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession”, did not store in the “savings bank”, but at home.

Keep the money in the savings bank ... Otherwise - eat!After the exchange of money, which was not eaten by termites, to the new state, the Chinese woman was six times less: the bank accepted only practically intact banknotes.

A similar case occurred in the years ago in India. Moreover, it was not a private apartment or a house that was attacked by termites, but a branch of State Bank of India, the largest state-owned bank in the provincial town of Fatehpur.

New employees entering the bank were placed in a safe, and they did not look at it for several months. When the safe was opened, it turned out that 10 million rupees (about $ 225 thousand) were damaged by termites. The reason for the termites' raging appetite was the ingress of moisture into the safe - they would not eat dry paper.

It is interesting that the ants did not eat the banknotes stored in the bank completely, but only “bite” them. Therefore, State Bank of India did not have any problems with their exchange.

And in 2011, an expensive lunch - $ 1000 in hundred dollar bills - went to the pet of the Lawrenceon family from the state of Florida (USA). Labrador, nicknamed Tuty, ate a regular installment of his owners on a loan for a car, along with an envelope in which the money was on the bedside table.

Surprisingly, the quick-working Americans out of ten bills managed to save nine (one had a serial number after one in Tuty’s stomach).

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