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The secrets of survival in a broken elevator

Serious tests fell to the share of the Austrian Alps 58-year-old native of Sweden Thomas Fleetwood. The man spent four days in a broken elevator in his own hotel in the ski resort of Bad Gastein without food or water, the Austrian Times reports.

On Monday, Fleetwood made a detour around his Hotel Hotel Eden. The daily procedure was nearing its end, the man was already descending from the fifth to the first floor, but suddenly the elevator stopped.

The secrets of survival in a broken elevatorThomas was alone in the building, and by coincidence, on that day he didn’t take his mobile phone with him, leaving him in his office. Realizing that he could not call anyone to help, the man decided to get out on his own.

For a start, he broke the glass panel located on the front door, providing air access to the closed space of the elevator. Then he tried to break the cab cover, but the elevator body proved to be more reliable than electronics, and this turned out to be beyond the power of Thomas.

To maintain composure in a difficult situation, Fleetwood, he said, had to recall the skills acquired during military service. Subsequently, the man told reporters that all four long days, being without heat, food and water, he did not panic, talking to himself and "making plans for the future."

Strangely enough, the prisoner helped his own elevator also a coincidence: a friend who brought him bread saw that there was unassembled correspondence near the entrance to the hotel, and decided to check whether everything was in order with Fleetwood.

Opening the door with a spare key, he found locked in an elevator, hungry, but not fallen spirit of Thomas, and called the rescuers. Upon arrival, they rescued the owner of the hotel from captivity.

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