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In Lyublino, the warehouse building of the Moscow shopping center caught fire

"The fire occurred at the address: Tikhoretsky Boulevard, Building 1, Building 15. A three-story building, strong smoke is observed on the second floor," said the chief director of the department.

In Kazan, heavy rain flooded Mutko's office

Personal account of the Minister of Sports of Russia suffered from heavy rain.

Unprecedented heat in the United States. The temperature goes on record!

Unusually hot weather was established in the United States of America. She has already led to the first victims: in the southern United States in Las Vegas (Nevada), an elderly man died of heat stroke. According to RIA Novosti, the weather forecast for the coming days is also not encouraging: a temperature record is expected.

In the United States, a three year old baby died, forgotten by his parents in a car

In the US city of Palmetto in Florida, another baby died, left by forgetful parents in a locked car - three-year-old Dwayne Anderson, ITAR-TASS reports.

The tragic start of the famous race “24 hours of Le Mans”: the pilot Allan Simonsen died

The famous racing marathon “24 Hours of Le Mans”, which started on June 22 at 5 pm Moscow time in France, began with a tragedy - on the third lap Aston Martin team pilot Allan Simonsen could not cope with the control and crashed into a chipper ...

Suicide on the Eiffel Tower prevented

Today, the sad statistics of suicides on the Eiffel Tower nearly replenished with another episode. However, the Paris police still managed to stop a man who threatened to jump from the second floor.

World Sambo Champion Akhad Rajabli Suicide

According to the portal Vesti.Az on June 8 at about six in the evening, in the apartment in the 45th quarter of the city of Sumgayit (Sumgayit), world sambo champion Ahad Rajabli hanged himself. The black belt of the sambo wrestler served as a weapon of suicide.

Keep the money in the savings bank ... Otherwise - eat!

The savings of one of the residents of the Chinese province of Guangdong - four thousand 100 yuan banknotes - were eaten away by ants, reports Reuters. Her wealth, and this almost 65 thousand dollars, the woman kept not in the "savings bank", and at home.

Princess in a BMW or like a cat lived for two weeks in a car engine

A cat named Princess managed two weeks to hold out without food and water. And not in any comfortable place, but in the engine of a BMW 1-Series car, owned by its owner. About such an incredible adventure fluffy traveler tells The Daily Mail.

A wonderful rescue in Bangladesh. Under the ruins of the collapsed 17 days ago, buildings found a surviving woman

At noon on May 10 in the suburb of the Bangladesh capital city of Dhaka, during a rescue operation at the site of the Rana Plaza building that collapsed on April 24, they found a living woman. She spent under the rubble for about 17 days.

Named the possible causes of the death of the An-2, who disappeared in the Urals in June 2012

At the moment, the investigation considers two main versions of the crash of the An-2 in the vicinity of the city of Serov in the Urals, which occurred last summer: equipment malfunction or piloting error (or both factors in the aggregate). Weather conditions, as the cause of the disaster, were excluded. This was reported on May 6 by the Ural Investigation Department.

The secrets of survival in a broken elevator

Serious tests fell to the share of the Austrian Alps 58-year-old native of Sweden Thomas Fleetwood. The man spent four days in a broken elevator in his own hotel in the ski resort of Bad Gastein without food or water, the Austrian Times reports.