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Konttel 2000 »Dealers and partners
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Main partners:
  1. Golden Telecom
  2. Korbina Telekom
  3. OAO «CyberPlatt»
  4. ООО "WilMix"
  5. Telesoft RUSSIA

All partners ...

Dealers and partners

LLC Contel 2000 invites to cooperation:

* dealers selling telephone cards "K2K". The company is interested in cooperation with banks, communication shops, computer stores, consumer electronics stores, supermarkets and other trading companies.
* dealers to work with corporate clients with its customer base. The company is ready to offer the MOST FAVORABLE terms of cooperation and high service in customer service. All commercial terms are individual and negotiated.

Delivery and purchase of cards is carried out for cash and cashless payments.

Delivery of cards and advertising packages to the dealer's offices can be carried out by the company's own delivery service.

Information about discounts you can get by phone: (495) 363-66-68, 785-43-00, 785-43-01.

To enter into an agreement and (or) for more information, you need to contact the dealer department of the company by phone / fax: 363-66-68, 785-43-00, 785-43-01.

List regional representatives "Contel 2000".