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The orchid family is huge and most of its members are tropical, but there are some cold hardy orchids that make perfect garden specimens. PDN carries a nice selection of cold hardy orchids.

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More Information About Hardy Orchids

Cold Hardy orchids for temperate gardens...including Bletilla, Calanthe and Cypripedium.

You may be surprised to learn that there are hardy orchids for the outdoor landscape. The orchid family is huge, and while most of its members are tropical, there are some cold hardy orchids that make perfect garden specimens. Plant Delights Nursery carries a nice selection of cold hardy orchids for temperate gardeners. Although not quite as showy as the tropical house plant varieties, hardy orchids have the same alluring floral shape as the orchids you may have in your home.

There are easy-to-grow hardy orchids and there are difficult ones. If you are a novice hardy orchid grower, we recommend that you start with Bletilla. It has nice medium-sized flowers and is no more difficult to grow than a fern. Once you have gained some confidence and experience, try growing Calanthe or Spiranthes. These are not difficult to grow, but require a little bit more care. Once you are a hardy orchid expert, you can move on the queen of the temperate orchids, Cypripedium. This is by far the most beautiful of the hardy orchids, but it is also the hardest to grow. PDN occasionally offers other cold hardy orchids for sale like Aplectrum, Calopogon, Cremastra, Pleione, Pogonia, Tipularia and others, so if you are an orchid collector, bookmark this page and check back often.

For a more detailed look at this fascinating group, read our detailed essays on hardy orchids in our articles database: Cypripedium, Hardy Orchids in the Garden.

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