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CMS systems

The company contel2000 is a developer of its own software in the development of Internet sites. The cms system developed by us has all the necessary functions for building sites of companies and their further use and development. The advantages of our CMS systems It is difficult to describe in one article, but some of them will be described here. Our cms is perfectly indexed by search engines, which allows you to save on website promotion. For the convenience of filling the site, created additional fields meta tags. To edit the site pages, you do not need html knowledge, because our cms has a built-in visual page editor, which also allows you to add graphic content to the site page. This development is distributed free of charge, has no analogues in the network. For the simplicity and convenience of the control system, it was called "people's". Company owners can easily instruct their employees to create a site, instead of paying huge money to third-party site developers. In addition to the described free website management system, you can order from us the development of the engine from scratch.
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