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World corruption barometer: corruption in Russia is forever ?!

Recently, the website of the international anti-corruption movement Transparency International (transparency.org) published the results of a new study of corrupt behavior and perceptions of corruption in its state of citizens of various countries of the world.

Where on our planet live the fattest people?

To the question “Where do the fattest people live?”, Most of us will answer: “Of course, in the USA!”. And they will be wrong! The United States is no longer the leader in the obesity rankings - they are only second. Today, the first place among the countries with the most complete citizens is Mexico.

Scientists suggest: cats cause depression and craving for suicide

As American scientists have found, ordinary domestic cats can cause such serious ills as schizophrenia and brain cancer. Also, cute pet animals cause depression and suicide cravings. These frightening findings were recently published in one of the journals of the scientific series Trends.

New deadly virus will come from the East?

Humanity is once again in danger: a new MERS-CoV coronavirus has been found on the Arabian Peninsula. According to Focus, 80 cases of infection with this pulmonary virus are already known, half of which ended in the death of the diseased.